Advice Centre for Game Workers

Workers in the games industry have been unionising across Ireland over the last two years. You can freephone our advice centre at ROI 1800 81 91 91 NI 0800 358 0071

Games workers have been vocal about highlighting an industry plagued with dubious practices including unpaid overtime, precarious contracts and unequal wages. Joining GWUI and organising with your colleagues is the first step in collectively tipping the balance of power in the workplace in your favour. Now is the time to become active in the important work of building your union and helping to shape the future of the industry for the better fairer workplaces.

You may be curious to know more about your employment rights. We, your union, are here to help with answering your questions or queries. If you are unsure about something your employer has implemented or if you are in a dispute or generally want to know how to best proceed with a complaint, let us know and we can help. Maybe you just want information on better practices or someone to run something by.

GWUI’s Advice Centre are staffed by a dedicated team who are ready to provide members with a first-class information and advice service that supports you in your workplace. Our aim is to protect the rights and interests of our members, to listen to your employment related queries, to be an important source of information, and to support you in your workplace.

We have experience helping our members with workplace issues such as bullying/victimisation, maternity/paternity rights, disciplinary/grievance procedure, health & safety, monitoring and surveillance, performance management, pay and a lot more.

If you have a question or are unsure of your rights, if you need support or representation, freephone ROI 1800 81 91 91 NI 0800 358 0071 or email us at              

It is imperative that your voice is strong as ultimately it is the membership who make the Union strong. Please share the following link to anyone who might be interested in joining with us or give us a call. We are here to support you.