Launch of Pay Transparency Report

GWUI-FSU will launch the first ever pay transparency report of pay and remuneration in the games sector in Ireland.

Register here to attend the online launch on September 22nd at 7pm. The link to view will be sent on the day to all registered. Reminders will be sent in advance. The author of the Report, Joshua Moody of Maynooth University, will outline the findings on the evening as well as members and union organisers giving their views.

We know there are serious issue of pay secrecy in the sector, of unpaid overtime poor pension provision and low pay for certain roles. We are organising as game workers around these issues to improve the sector now and for the future. We believe in a sector that provides decent quality employment for all in it.

As previously written about we have engaged the Government on the Digital Games Tax and why this needs to be linked directly to quality employment. We believe employers in receipt of any state support should pay the living wage (€12.30 per hour) as a minimum, provide secure permanent contracts of employment, provide for both the right to disconnect and paid overtime, contribute to employee pensions and recognise workers trade union.

To find out more register for the launch and join GWUI your union.

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