Decent jobs in games sector a must

FSU-GWUI has now written to all Political Parties seeking engagement on the potential new tax incentive for the games sector. 

We are arguing that any tax incentive for the sector must be linked to quality employment and decent working conditions. It must seek commitments from employers to improve working standards in the sector and address issues that this unions has highlighted highlighted.

We have identified to Political Parties that the Digital Games Sector is an important and growing sector within the economy. Ireland has great potential to increase employment in this area over the coming years, and we have a real opportunity to ensure that the jobs in the sector are quality jobs with decent conditions. It is important that the sector retains talent here and is attractive as a career in Ireland. One practical measure that the Budget could take is to link any tax incentive to a commitment to quality employment and decent working conditions.

More specifically we have asked that parties include in their Budget proposals that the provision of a new Digital Games Tax Credit is linked to the following:

  • Eliminating low pay in the sector through a Living Wage floor;
  • Provision of secure contracts of direct employment;
  • Giving proper pension provision to employees;
  • Guaranteeing staffs’ right to disconnect and paid overtime;
  • Commitment to implement all WRC Codes of Practice;
  • Supporting employer engagement with Trade Unions.

To hear more about this and the need for greater pay transparency in the sector Register here to attend the online launch of our Pay Transparency Report on September 22nd at 7pm. The link to view will be sent on the day to all registered. Reminders will be sent in advance. The author of the Report, Joshua Moody of Maynooth University, will outline the findings on the evening as well as members and union organisers giving their views.