Well Done Raven Workers!

GWUI – FSU in Ireland sends our congratulations and support to Raven QA games workers in Wisconsin who voted 19-3 to form a union and be recognised by their employer. This is the first such case in the US in what is now a wave of games organising and unionising across the world. 
Reacting to the news, Ellen Cunningham, coordinator of the union here in Ireland today said:
“We at Game Workers Unite Ireland offer our most heartfelt congratulations to the workers at Raven Software. We’re absolutely overjoyed to see the workers winning their landmark union election at a major studio. This is a huge win for organised labour and gives game workers the world over a huge boost in motivation, morale and confidence.”
Raven, owned by Activision Blizzard, is of course also subject to the proposed Microsoft purchase of the Company which will impact on employees in Ireland and is causing some concern.
Our activists are meeting this Saturday in Dublin to continue our organising and unionising efforts here across the sector.
If you are not a member of the union and want to see better working conditions in the sector for all then join us herehttps://www.fsunion.org/join/