About Us

The Game Workers Unite branch of the FSU is a trade union established to represent game workers in Ireland. Our union was established with the objective of improving the conditions of work in the game sector.

We are determined to win fair solutions for workers on key issues such as:

  • A decent wage. Currently, wages for workers in the sector are not sufficient to ensure a decent standard of living. We are campaigning to secure fair and just wages.
  • We are fighting to end to the culture of ‘crunch’ and to eliminate unpaid overtime.
  • We are opposed to the industry’s reliance on temporary and flexible contracts. We want to see an end to precarious employment in the sector.
  • We want to see an end to harassment, intimidation and bullying in the sector.
  • We are campaigning for increased investment in the industry through state support and options for people to establish co-ops.

What's The Score?

This report summarises the findings of a survey of workers and working issues in the games sector in Ireland. The survey was designed and administered by Game Workers Unite Ireland in 2019.  This research will inform future work and campaigns by GWU Ireland.

–  Game Workers Unite Ireland

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