Campaign for Living Wage continues – Leave no worker behind

GWUI – FSU has written (HERE) to leading employers in the sector this week to request they pay the Living Wage to all staff, agency workers and contractors. Readers will
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Well Done Raven Workers!

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Living Wage For All!

GWUI has written to the Low Pay Commission recommending that the statutory minimum wage becomes the living wage of €12.90 for all workers.
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Breaking the Silence on Pay in Games Sector

Information and knowledge is the first step to improving working conditions in the sector. We know that extensive use of non-disclosure agreements damages transparency and hinders the sharing of information
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Decent jobs in games sector a must

FSU-GWUI has now written to all Political Parties seeking engagement on the potential new tax incentive for the games sector.  We are arguing that any tax incentive for the sector
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Launch of Pay Transparency Report

GWUI-FSU will launch the first ever pay transparency report of pay and remuneration in the games sector in Ireland. Register here to attend the online launch on September 22nd at
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Advice Centre for Game Workers

Workers in the games industry have been unionising across Ireland over the last two years. You can freephone our advice centre at ROI 1800 81 91 91 NI 0800 358
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Union seeks engagement with Minister on working conditions in sector

Tackling low pay, insecure contracts and lack of workers voice must be core FSU-GWUI has written to the Minister for Finance, and other relevant Ministers, seeking engagement on the potential
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