GWU Ireland In The Journal

Irish game workers have recently joined the Financial Services Union to lobby for their workers’ rights. This part of the international Game Workers Unite group, which includes artists, designers, testers and production workers.

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GWU Ireland On The Office Block Podcast

What’s life like in Ireland’s emerging game industry? What is Game Workers Unite and how did the Irish branch form? What are the key issues facing game workers and how are they organising to tackle them?
In this episode of the Office Block podcast, Game Workers Unite Ireland’s coordinator, Ellen Cunningham, talks to Paul Dillon about the game industry in Ireland and how workers are coming together to make change happen. We talk about some big issues facing game workers, and delve into some important topics affecting the sector which have captured headlines in the past.

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GWU Coverage In The Dublin Inquirer

Listening to testimonies of video games workers, something clicked for Ellen Cunningham.

“My eyes were opened by hearing something I already knew,” she says, on Monday over coffee.

It was March and Cunningham was at the Game Developers Conference 2019 in San Francisco, at a round-table discussion on unionisation, she says.

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